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Australian metal takes on a new frontier with Knightmare

Crafting exquisite, intricate and original music, Knightmare delivers intense atmosphere and explorative song writing that defies being bound to a single static genre. With the release of their first full length album “In Death’s Shadow” to follow their EP Unholy, Knightmare is well on the way to becoming a band that represents diverse Australian metal to the world.

Knightmare's music is a complex mix with many layers upon layers of vocals, guitars, and other instruments. It is infused with nuances and influences that make up the unique Knightmare sound. Detailed and vast soundscapes complement thoughtful lyrics that invoke imagery and reflection in the listener. Spanning from a vast array of influences, not just including extreme and diverse forms of metal but music from all walks of life, Knightmare's music combines to create a unique, transcending atmospheric experience.


Knightmare features founding members MICKoWAR and Luke Besley with a new lineup including seasoned guitarist Jim Munro of 4Arm/Septerrus, Dave Allen of Anient and fresh blood Matt McConaghy on bass. Check out our band bio for further information on Knightmare, as well as individual profiles to check out what equipment the band uses, or even their favourite movies. Visit the News page to stay in touch with the latest announcements, online content and all happenings relating to Knightmare, including exclusive events and other content.


If you feel like contacting the band personally, don't hesitate and get in touch through the Contact page. And of course, the shop section will be great for all your Knightmare and metal related gear and apparel.